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Share some CCA-V 1Y0-203 exam questions and answers below.
Scenario: A Citrix Administrator recently upgraded a XenApp 6.5 deployment to XenApp 7.15 LTSR.The administrator wants to implement a feature in XenApp 7.15 LTSR that is similar to Worker Groups in XenApp 6.5.Which option in XenApp 7.15 LTSR has similar functionality to Worker Groups in XenApp 6.5?
A. Delivery Groups
B. Featured App Groups
C. Application Groups Tagging
D. Application Groups Restricting
Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to deploy 2000 virtual desktops. The hardware in the environment has a very fast SSD local storage, and the SAN is running almost at capacity. There is NO need for user-installed applications or persistency in the environment.Which provisioning method would allow the administrator to save SAN storage?
A. Provisioning Services
B. Manual Provisioning
C. Existing machines
D. Machine Creation Services
Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator is preparing to deploy 500 Windows 10 Virtual Desktops by using Machine Creation Services (MCS).How much storage space, at a minimum, needs to be allocated to the Identity Disks in this environment?
A. 32 Gb
B. 8 Gb
C. 16 Gb
D. 4 Gb
Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator needs to update a master image for random/non-persistent desktops based on Machine Creation Services.Which consequence does the administrator need to be aware of when updating the master image?
A. A full new vDisk will be created.
B. A new Personal vDisk will be created.
C. A new full copy from the snapshot will be created.
D. The differencing disks will be merged.
Answer: C

Scenario: A company maintains a XenDesktop infrastructure with a stand-alone license server. Recently, the license server had a hardware failure and can NO longer communicate on the network.The license server has a valid license file with a current Subscription Advantage (SA) date on it.What will happen to the XenDesktop environment with the license server now offline?
A. Users will immediately be unable to connect to their resources.
B. The license server will enter a 30-day grace period in which all user connections will work.
C. Users will have limited connections available during a 30-day grace period.
D. The license server will enter a 90-day grace period in which all user connections will work.
Answer: A

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