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[2018 Crack] Juniper JNCIS-SP JN0-361 certification practice test

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Share some JNCIS-SP JN0-361 exam questions and answers below.
What must be configured for all IBGP speakers in an AS to have consistent routing information?
A. Partial mesh of EBGP sessions between EBGP speakers
B. Default routes to the IBGP gateways
C. Static routes to the EBGP gateways
D. Full mesh of IBGP sessions between IBGP speakers
Answer: D

Which two statements are correct about default BGP route propagation? (Choose two.)
A. IBGP speakers advertise IBGP-learned routes to other IBGP peers.
B. EBGP speakers advertise IBGP-learned routes to other EBGP peers by using apolicy.
C. IBGP speakers advertise EBGP-learned routes to other IBGP peers.
D. EBGP speakers advertise IBGP-learned routes to other EBGP peers.
Answer: B,C

Which two fields of a hello packet must match on both routers when forming an OSPF adjacency? (Choose two.)
A. Hello interval
B. Designated route
C. Router priority
D. Network mask
Answer: A,D

You must configure an MX Series device to receive and forward a mixture of single-tag and dual-tag frames on interface xe-0/0/0. In this scenario what will accomplish goal?
A. xe-0/0/0 {flexible-vlan-tagging;}
B. xe-0/0/0 {stacked-vlan-tagging;}
C. xe-0/0/0 {vlan-vci-tagging;}
D. xe-0/0/0 {vlan-tagging;}
Answer: A

You want to save adjacency formation time between two routers participating in OSPF, as well as reduce the size of the OSPF link-state database.How would you accomplish these tasks?
A. Configure a virtual link.
B. Specify a designated router.
C. Specify a backup designated router.
D. Define a point-to-point connection.
Answer: D

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